yan bighetti national geographic al safar epok design yan bighetti national geographic al safar epok design
Visual identity

Al Safar

In the footsteps of Ibn Battuta

Two centuries before Magellan, the Moroccan explorer Ibn Battuta, initially a simple pilgrim on his way to Mecca, travelled 120,000 kilometres, offering us an exceptional glimpse into the Muslim world of the fourteenth century.

The Al Safar project, supported by National Geographic is an adventure, a journey on the steps of Ibn Batutta. As a source for this project, photographer Yan Bighetti and his team went to visit these landscapes and cultures discovered by the explorer five centuries earlier.

Al-Safar-Epok-Design-logotype-blanc-rouge Al-Safar-Epok-Design-logotype-blanc-rouge

A modular logo

The Al Safar logo is articulated in space. The monogram oscillates between visibility and readability. Like a totem, it presents itself as a reference. A supposed positioning. The search for (re)discovery.

Everyone interprets messages in their own way. The Al Safar name affirms this with its motif of assured character which reads as a testimony of the past. A strange inscription, a hieroglyph, a trace of Mayan?

Decrypting the cultures

The logotype reads like a language to be deciphered, a culture to be understood, like a world that is offered to us. The reference is historical, but its appearance is modern for its geometric treatment.

Anyone can play the game and try to find it in the worked frieze.

Al-Safar-EpokDesign-brochure-visuel Al-Safar-EpokDesign-brochure-visuel

Al-Safar-Epok-design-charte-entete-carte-de-visite Al-Safar-Epok-design-charte-entete-carte-de-visite