epok-design-musth-logotype-couverture-marbre-retro-design epok-design-musth-logotype-couverture-marbre-retro-design
Visual identity


Culture & lifestyle

Creation of the visual identity for the culture and lifestyle blog MUSTH. The blog deals with lifestyle related themes: reviews of fashionable restaurants, search for quality establishments, men’s fashion, and also temporary exhibitions in Rennes and Paris.

The charter, minimal and impactful, takes the moustache symbol and inserts it in the letter U. The relationship between the straight sans serif typography and the more rounded form of the pictogram creates a “character”.

The marbling, used in the visuals and in the logo, adds a prestigious and retro aspect.

epok-design-musth-logotype-couverture-intro-article epok-design-musth-logotype-couverture-intro-article

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