Tanip-logo-noir-epok-design Tanip-logo-noir-epok-design
Visual identity


Project management

Creation of the identity of Tanip, a young company developing in the field of the project management. The name of the company is completely rethought and staged in this logo. The cuts of the letters accentuate the dynamism of the composition and make it possible to reconsider the original name in a new purified and modern dimension.

The letters A and P rotate 90° to complete the composition and recreate the reading.

Tanip-Epok-Design-papeterie-en-tete-de-lettre Tanip-Epok-Design-papeterie-en-tete-de-lettre


The charter is produced on all of the stationery. Business cards and correspondence cards are screen printed on a G. F. Smith paper reminiscent of architecture.

Tanip-logo-noir-epok-design structure Tanip-logo-noir-epok-design structure


The diagonals run across the entire height of the logotype and their presence accentuates the feeling of dynamism.

The repetition of a few identical commas also punctuates and adds rhythm to the composition.

tanip-maitrise-d-oeuvre-epok-design-carte-de-visite tanip-maitrise-d-oeuvre-epok-design-carte-de-visite